Our children

Our children

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh, my grandbabies

We welcome Greyson, he is so precious.

We have had a most wonderful week with the girls.  Avery's expressions are priceless.  Kennedy was at the craft table everyday making cards for all the neighbors.  It was hard to keep up with her social calendar.  She was outside with one neighbor or another all of the daylight hours it seemed.   We found a Dick, Jane and Sally book.  She took right to sounding out the words and reading.   She was so proud, as were we.  Wednesday we were able to take them to the amusement park.

Kennedy was so kind to ride with Avery on the "little" rides.


But her heart was in the "Big" rides.  Pawpaw was so brave to take her on rides beyond his height comfort.  However, Nana took her on "the whip" and "Tilt-a-Whirl".   Her laughter was so refreshing.  The higher and the faster, the better.  Sorry Pawpaw wasn't able to handle Avery and a camera while we were on the fast rides.  The ride over the park in the tram was beautiful and Kennedy was pointing out all of the rides she wanted to go on.

There are photos of so many more rides, and  we finished with a train ride and headed home.

The girls are now home with momma and daddy and their new baby brother.